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Representative Placements

Representative Placements

The PGA Legal approach is based on a thorough and nuanced understanding of each client’s needs, informed by up-to-date research and market intelligence. In practice, this means that we:

• Expeditiously identify and recruit the right candidates for our clients; and
• Tailor recommendations to our candidates appropriate for each individual’s requirements and circumstances.

We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively service clients’ search needs and meet candidates’ goals while maintaining the highest standards of honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Having worked in the attorney search and placement industry for more than two decades, we have made hundreds of placements. Representative placements include:

A senior M&A partner as chair of the department at a major Silicon Valley firm.

A general counsel at a well-known hedge fund with $18 billion under management.

A junior partner as head of the private equity group at a major national firm.

Numerous partners and partner groups in various practice areas at major firms.

Numerous junior partners who had been counsels or senior associates.

Numerous counsels who had been senior associates.

Numerous associates in every major practice area at all levels and at firms ranging in size from boutiques to the top tier national firms.

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